Focus Management for Business

In todays very complex world where businesses face unbelievable pressure and where whole markets have collapsed, and huge sectors of industry have met unpresented challenges never seen in peace time, there is one common factor that will make a huge difference to your organisation, your people!

Focus Management for Business is a training provider that will support, help and enable your organisation to grow by helping you to develop your people. We achieve this by working with you to understand your precise needs and then develop solutions to help satisfy those needs.

We have a team of associates who work with us, each one is a specialist in their own field, whether that is the voluntary sector, charities or health care to automotive engineering or food manufacturing or whatever. We work with large banks, building societies, multinational conglomerates or small engineering companies. The common denominator is people, we help you select the best people by using our expertise in recruitment and some powerful psychometric tools.

We also help you organise your teams and build them into world class performers, we also work at the individual level with highly experienced coaches and mentors who can help develop the key individuals within your organisation.

Organisations are successful for several reasons, having a buoyant market is a key one, but having highly effective teams of very capable people who have the best role fit for what they are doing is incredibly important too.

You will notice that we don’t boast an impressive list of blue-chip companies that we work with, we are very discreet, and we think most of our clients would rather we didn’t tell the world that we have just fixed one of their dysfunctional teams and others wouldn’t want their competitors to know what the secret of their success really is!

Our Success

The reason for our success is simple – we look after our clients from the initial enquiry stage through to completion. We make sure that each client is treated with respect and given the necessary support to achieve their goal.

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